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Cardiovascular health means having a healthy heart. Prevent heart disease like strokes, heart attack, arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. The wrong kinds of food and lack of exercise are the main causes of cardiovascular disease. Many cardiovascular problems are due to having high amount of cholesterol in the body. Look for health supplements that can help to reduce cholesterol and work to promote heart health.

  • Betaine Anhydrous Powder
    Betaine Anhydrous Powder
    Betaine Anhydrous or Trimethylglycine is a methyl donor naturally produced in the body. Methyl donors donate methyl molecules crucial for cellular processes and other biological activities occurring in the body. TMG benefits...

  • Broccoli Sprout Extract
    Broccoli Sprout Extract
    Broccoli Sprout Extract (BSE) is rich in the phytochemicals glucosinolates and sulforaphane, which are extensively studied for their potential benefits on cellular health. It is derived from the young, three to five days old...

  • Jarrow Pantethine
    Jarrow Pantethine
    Pantethine is the biologically active form of Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5. This nutritional supplement produces more direct effects on the body, specifically on the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates, and amino acids...

  • L-Proline Powder
    L-Proline Powder
    L-Proline is an amino acid, which along with Vitamin C is responsible for the production of collagen. It also plays an important role in blood vessel and artery health by keeping them supple and elastic, reducing the buildup...

  • Nature's Way Garlicin
    Nature's Way Garlicin
    Garlic is both a culinary spice and medicinal herb. Garlic for cardiovascular health supports healthy blood pressure levels, normal circulation, and cholesterol balance. Allicin, its most active ingredient works only upon...

  • Nature's Way Garlicin HC
    Nature's Way Garlicin HC
    Garlicin HC Healthy Circulation Formula combines all the effectiveness of high allicin release Garlicin with the added benefits of Hawthorn extract, Cayenne and Vitamin E. Garlicin HC is made from high quality,...

  • Nature's Way Horse Chestnut
    Nature's Way Horse Chestnut
    Nature's Way Horse Chestnut contains 20% aescin, a saponin that demonstrated abilities of supporting healthy blood circulation in the lower extremities. It has clinically shown to contract the veins and arteries in the lower...

  • Nature’s Way Hawthorn
    Nature’s Way Hawthorn
    Hawthorn Extract is a natural cardiovascular tonic that has been used for generations. Nature’s Way Hawthorn is standardised to 1.8-2.2% of the bioflavonoid Vitexin, the active ingredient that supports cardiovascular...

  • NOW Foods Hawthorn Extract
    NOW Foods Hawthorn Extract
    Hawthorn Extract is a cardiovascular health support formula containing potent antioxidant flavonoids including Vitexin and other supportive ingredients found in Hawthorn herb that supports healthy blood flow and normal...

  • NOW Foods Policosanol 20mg
    NOW Foods Policosanol 20mg
    Policosanol is a mix of long chain fatty alcohols (LCFA) extracted and refined from sugar cane. Octacosanol is the most active ingredient of this dietary supplement together with other beneficial fatty acid constituents...

  • NOW Foods Rutin 450mg
    NOW Foods Rutin 450mg
    Rutin is classified as a bioflavonoid, a class of antioxidant that aids the body in combating free radical damage. This nutrient is best known for its ability to protect cardiovascular health through neutralising cholesterol...

  • Pine Bark Extract
    Pine Bark Extract
    Pine Bark Extract, also commonly known by the trademarked name Pycnogenol, is extracted from the inner bark of specific European pine trees, the Pinus pinaster. The extract contains a potent mix of flavonoids and...

  • Source Naturals Beta Sitosterol 375mg
    Source Naturals Beta Sitosterol 375mg
    Beta sitosterol is a phytosterol found in plants that helps balance cholesterol levels and help the body achieve overall health. Phytosterols are similar to cholesterol but has many health supportive effects. Beta sitosterol...

  • Source Naturals Policosanol Cholesterol Complex
    Source Naturals Policosanol Cholesterol Complex
    Policosanol Cholesterol Complex is a Bio-Aligned formula that supports cholesterol wellness by helping to maintain multiple interdependent body organs and systems: heart, blood vessels, nervous system, thyroid, liver and...

  • Wakunaga Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract
    Wakunaga Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract
    Wakunaga Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract comes from 100% organically grown garlic bulbs aged to perfection and undergone unique extraction to eradicate odour. It is specially processed to support cardiovascular health by reducing...

  • NOW Foods Cayenne 500mg
    NOW Foods Cayenne 500mg
    Native Americans have used cayenne (Capsicum frutescens) as a food, as well as for its therapeutic potential for thousands of years. The hot spicy taste of cayenne pepper is primarily due to a component known as capsaicin...