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Kidney & Bladder

There are a lot of problems affecting the Kidney & Bladder and other organs of the urinary tract, but the most common are kidney stones and Urinary Tract Infections. Because the urinary tract is very important in cleansing the body from toxins and other harmful substances, keeping it safe from these diseases is very important. In the market, there are health supplements specially designed to promote Kidney and Bladder health. These supplements are formulated from herbal plants with known properties to protect the urinary tract from infections, and prevent the formation of kidney stones. Uva ursi, juniper, cranberry, and Buchu are traditional ingredients, and D-Mannose has become popular in recent times.

  • NOW Foods D-Mannose
    NOW Foods D-Mannose
    D-Mannose is one of the simple sugars naturally found in cranberries and pineapples known for its ability to protect and nourish the urinary tract. The body metabolises small amounts of D-mannose, but upon excretion much of...

  • D-Mannose Powder
    D-Mannose Powder
    D-Mannose is a simple sugar which is being extensively studied for its potential to treat or prevent urinary tract infections (UTI's). It is thought that D-Mannose prevents certain types of bacteria from adhering to the...

  • Nature's Way Kidney Bladder
    Nature's Way Kidney Bladder
    Kidney Bladder is a time tested herbal formula, with herbs like uva ursi and juniper, historically popular for kidney and bladder health. For healthy kidney and bladder function and correct fluid balance. Maintains excellent...