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Liver & Detox

One of the most important jobs of the liver is the body’s detox or detoxification. The liver helps the body get rid of harmful toxins from foods, drugs, alcohol, and internal microbes. Because of this tough task, the liver is prone to damage and keeping it healthy is of utmost importance. Silymarin found in Milk thistle is a natural nutrient for the liver that acts by protecting it from liver damage and helps it perform cleansing more efficiently. Other liver supplements available combine Silymarin with vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances with known liver benefits. Taking Silymarin and other liver supplements are particularly advised for alcoholics and those those taking antibiotics and other hepatotoxic drugs to prevent serious liver damage.

  • NOW Foods Liver Detoxifier Regenerator
    NOW Foods Liver Detoxifier Regenerator
    Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator contains a specialised blend of herbs and nutrients to support the liver in its detoxification processes. It is formulated with Milk Thistle Extract, Schisandra, and Schute which are known...

  • Milk Thistle Extract Powder
    Milk Thistle Extract Powder
    Milk Thistle is the nature’s best gift to liver health. For more than 2000 years, this herb has been traditionally used as a natural remedy for common liver disorders such as liver cirrhosis, jaundice, and hepatitis...

  • Natrol Calcium D-Glucarate
    Natrol Calcium D-Glucarate
    Calcium D-Glucarate is the salt of D-Glucaric acid combined with calcium, a supplement that has shown potential in helping the body with its natural detoxification processes and maintaining hormonal balance. Calcium...

  • Natrol Milk Thistle Advantage
    Natrol Milk Thistle Advantage
    Natrol Milk Thistle Advantage is a liver support formula using the benefits of milk thistle standardised to 80% silymarin and other helpful herbs. Silymarin is a flavonoid complex derived from the seeds of milk thistle herb...

  • Nature's Way Burdock Root
    Nature's Way Burdock Root
    Burdock Root is a traditional herbal remedy commonly used in combination with Dandelion, Red Clover, and Yellow Dock. Burdock root was taken to purify the blood, increase urine flow, and skin care remedy. This root crop is...

  • Nature's Way Dandelion Root
    Nature's Way Dandelion Root
    Dandelion Root has long history as an herbal remedy for liver health, kidney functions, inflammation, skin care, and digestive discomforts. Modern studies suggest that it can support digestive functions, bone strength,...

  • Nature’s Way Milk Thistle
    Nature’s Way Milk Thistle
    Nature’s Way Milk Thistle is standardised to provide 80% silymarin, a natural compound that exerts liver-protective effects against toxic substances. Silymarin reduces the negative effects of harmful substances like...

  • Nature’s Way Schizandra
    Nature’s Way Schizandra
    Nature’s Way Schizandra utilises one of China’s most prized herbs. The Schizandra fruit is widely used today as a natural tonic and as ingredient to dishes because of its signature five tastes. It is also one of...

  • NOW Foods Silymarin 150mg
    NOW Foods Silymarin 150mg
    Silymarin is the active ingredient in the milk thistle herb, which has been traditionally used for centuries to support liver functions. Silymarin’s liver-protective benefits appear to help in managing the symptoms of...

  • NOW Foods TMG 1000mg
    NOW Foods TMG 1000mg
    Trimethylglycine or betaine is a methyl donor, a substance that supports the methylation processes occurring inside the body. Methylation is essential for DNA repair in the cells, liver detoxification, metabolism of lipids,...