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  • Doctor's Best Saw Palmetto 320mg
    Doctor's Best Saw Palmetto 320mg
    Doctor’s Best Saw Palmetto is a prostate health formula made from pure saw palmetto berry extract containing active ingredients including fatty acids and plant sterols. Saw Palmetto is found to interfere with the...

  • Irwin Naturals Steel-Libido for Women
    Irwin Naturals Steel-Libido for Women
    Steel-Libido for Women is a special blend of natural ingredients to provide sexual support for women of all ages. This women’s health formula works by promoting healthy sexual desire and libido, and by supporting...

  • NOW Foods Super Enzymes
    NOW Foods Super Enzymes
    Super Enzymes is a blend of selected digestive enzymes which promote optimum digestive health and function. Containing the natural enzymes papain, pancreatin, ox bile, and bromelain for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats,...

  • Acai Berry Powder - Organic
    Acai Berry Powder - Organic
    Acai berries may just be the number one superfruit on the planet. Hailing from the Amazon in Brazil, these dark purple berries are fully-packed with antioxidants, dietary fibre, Omega fats, phytosterols, essential vitamins...

  • Acerola Cherry Powder - Organic
    Acerola Cherry Powder - Organic
    Acerola Cherry Powder provides exceptionally high levels of Vitamin C, the antioxidant vitamin that supports active immunity and fights infections. The little acerola cherry contains up to 65 times more Vitamin C compared to...

  • Ashwagandha Root Powder - Organic
    Ashwagandha Root Powder - Organic
    Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder is a wonderful super food that reduces all the bad effects of stress and promotes total wellness. Ashwagandha root has been used in India for thousands of years for its remarkable health...

  • Barley Grass Powder - Organic
    Barley Grass Powder - Organic
    Barley Grass is one of nature’s most nutritious superfoods, complete with an amazing blend of essential nutrients plus amino acids, fiber, protein, and Superoxide Dismutase. Barley grass offers the same nutritional...

  • Beet Root Powder - Organic
    Beet Root Powder - Organic
    Beet Root is a good source of essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, but its most significant components are betaine, betalins, and nitrates. These active ingredients in raw beet root have been widely studied for...

  • Bilberry Powder - Organic
    Bilberry Powder - Organic
    Although not as famous as its other relatives like blueberries and cranberries, the wild bilberry is also one of the most antioxidant-rich superfruits. Bilberries are loaded with anthocyanins and flavonoids with powerful...

  • Birds Eye Chili Powder - Organic
    Birds Eye Chili Powder - Organic
    100,000 H.U. A dash of Bird's Eye Chili can add quite a punch to all types of dishes, including stir frys, pastas, soups, sauces, dips and more. Bird's Eye Chilis also help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and can...

  • Black Currant Juice Powder
    Black Currant Juice Powder
    Black currants, originating from Tibet, are a great source of Vitamin C, free radical fighting anthocyanins, flavanoids as well as phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Considered the elixir of...

  • Blackberry Powder - Organic
    Blackberry Powder - Organic
    Blackberries are one of the superfruits that passed the ORAC test with flying colours. It’s almost unbelievable ORAC value of 5347 per 100 grams is one of the highest known antioxidant levels of any fresh fruit in the...

  • Blueberry Powder
    Blueberry Powder
    Blueberries are the second most popular among the family of berries next to strawberry, but it has repeatedly ranked to be one of the healthiest super foods for being one with the highest concentration of antioxidants among...

  • Cacao Nibs - Organic
    Cacao Nibs - Organic
    Cacao Nibs are a real chocolate treat giving fantastic hope for chocolate lovers everywhere. These raw nibs are the original chocolate chip. Crunchy, flavourful and packed with powerful nutrients and natural mood lifters...

  • Cacao Powder - Organic, Raw
    Cacao Powder - Organic, Raw
    This extra rich cacao powder is made by taking raw cacao nibs and cold pressing some of the oil out. This totally natural process retains more of the cacao butter and results in a flavourful powder packed with powerful...

  • Cayenne Pepper Powder - Organic
    Cayenne Pepper Powder - Organic
    35,000 H.U. Cayenne pepper has been used for its culinary and therapeutic properties for thousands of years. Cayenne is not only great for adding heat, flavour and colour to any recipe, it also helps maintain a healthy...

  • Chlorella Powder
    Chlorella Powder
    Chlorella is an emerald green, single celled freshwater micro-algae widely recognised as one of the most potent nutritional whole foods on Earth. This specialised strain of chlorella has a naturally thin cell wall which...

  • Cinnamon Powder - Organic
    Cinnamon Powder - Organic
    Cinnamon is one of the oldest and most recognisable of flavours in the world. Ancient Egyptians imported cinnamon from China and used it as a medicine and food enhancer. Since then it has been used just about every type of...

  • Coconut Water Powder - Organic
    Coconut Water Powder - Organic
    Organic, Freeze Dried. Delicious to add to drinks, smoothies and desserts, coconut water powder is nutritious and tastes great. Coconut water is excellent for hydration and also a good source of B-complex vitamins...

  • Cranberry Powder - Organic
    Cranberry Powder - Organic
    Cranberries have been hailed for decades as a natural remedy for UTI's caused by the H. Pylori bacteria. Today, contemporary medicine is researching more ways that cranberries may help the body ranging from...