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Super Foods

Superfoods are natural foods which contain high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and other beneficial nutrients. Although superfoods have been in use for generations, they have become increasingly popular lately due to widespread information about what constitutes a healthy diet. Aside from these nutrient contents, superfoods offer the body a lot of benefits including proper digestion, boosted immune system, higher energy levels, high amounts of antioxidants, and weight control to name a few. They are readily available and convenient for modern food programs, including raw, organic and other good health diets.

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  • Apricot Kernel Powder
    Apricot Kernel Powder
    Apricot Kernels are the dark brown seeds of the apricot (Prunus armeniaca) fruit. Apricot seeds or apricot pips are often referred to as the “stone” for its extremely hard shell. These seeds are known for their...

  • Barley Grass Powder - Organic
    Barley Grass Powder - Organic
    Barley Grass is one of nature’s most nutritious superfoods, complete with an amazing blend of essential nutrients plus amino acids, fiber, protein, and Superoxide Dismutase. Barley grass offers the same nutritional...

  • Beet Root Powder - Organic
    Beet Root Powder - Organic
    Beet Root is a good source of essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, but its most significant components are betaine, betalins, and nitrates. These active ingredients in raw beet root have been widely studied for...

  • Bilberry Powder - Organic
    Bilberry Powder - Organic
    Although not as famous as its other relatives like blueberries and cranberries, the wild bilberry is also one of the most antioxidant-rich superfruits. Bilberries are loaded with anthocyanins and flavonoids with powerful...

  • Birds Eye Chili Powder - Organic
    Birds Eye Chili Powder - Organic
    100,000 H.U. A dash of Bird's Eye Chili can add quite a punch to all types of dishes, including stir frys, pastas, soups, sauces, dips and more. Bird's Eye Chilis also help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and can...

  • Blueberry Powder
    Blueberry Powder
    Blueberries are the second most popular among the family of berries next to strawberry, but it has repeatedly ranked to be one of the healthiest super foods for being one with the highest concentration of antioxidants among...

  • Cacao Nibs - Organic
    Cacao Nibs - Organic
    Cacao Nibs will give you a delightful chocolate treat with a healthy twist. Made from raw, organic cacao with its rich chocolate taste plus a boastful blend of antioxidants essential for a thriving body. Organic Cacao Nibs...

  • Cacao Powder - Organic, Raw
    Cacao Powder - Organic, Raw
    Enjoy Cacao’s delightful taste along with an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals with cacao powder made from the finest Peruvian Heirloom Criollo, minimally processed and dried to preserve its nutritional...

  • Cayenne Pepper Powder - Organic
    Cayenne Pepper Powder - Organic
    35,000 H.U. Cayenne Pepper Powder’s therapeutic uses have been known to the American and Chinese cultures for over 9,000 years. More than adding flavour and heat to dishes, this stimulating herb demonstrated health...

  • Chlorella Powder
    Chlorella Powder
    Chlorella is a single celled organism but is one of the most nutritious superfoods on the planet. Chlorella Powder is an excellent source of chlorophyll and more than 20 nutrients that detoxify, nourish, and energise the...

  • Cinnamon Powder - Organic
    Cinnamon Powder - Organic
    Cinnamon is one of the oldest and most recognisable of flavours in the world. Ancient Egyptians imported cinnamon from China and used it as a medicine and food enhancer. Since then it has been used just about every type of...

  • Cranberry Powder - Organic
    Cranberry Powder - Organic
    Cranberries have been hailed for decades as a natural remedy for UTI's caused by the H. Pylori bacteria. Today, contemporary medicine is researching more ways that cranberries may help the body ranging from...

  • Ginger Root Powder - Organic
    Ginger Root Powder - Organic
    Ginger is a wonderful spicy herb prized in many different cultures for its culinary, aromatic, and medicinal uses. Although native to Southeast Asia, this all-around herbal remedy has been very famous among Chinese,...

  • Goji Extract Powder
    Goji Extract Powder
    8:1 extract, 50% polysaccarides.Goji berries are nutritional powerhouses in small packages. These amazing superfruits contain more essential amino acids and proteins than any other fruit on earth, along with powerful...

  • Golden Flaxseed - Organic
    Golden Flaxseed - Organic
    Low carb and high fiber, organic flax seeds are an exceptional source of lignans, protein, essential fatty acids (omega 3,6 and 9), vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Suggested Use Try them ground up or add to recipes,...

  • Kale Powder - Organic
    Kale Powder - Organic
    Kale Powder is one of the most amazing super green powders available. It will help take your health to the maximum level with its abundant supply of anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and nourishing antioxidants. This true...

  • Lucuma Powder - Organic
    Lucuma Powder - Organic
    Lucuma is a wonderful sweetener that will make your favourite pie, pudding, smoothie, juice, or shakes a truly delectable experience. Despite being able to satisfy your sweet tooth, Lucuma powder is low in glycemic index and...

  • Luo Han Guo Extract Powder
    Luo Han Guo Extract Powder
    Luo Han Guo Extract is a healthy sugar substitute derived from the monk fruit and is naturally rich in mogrosides. Interestingly, mogrosides are natural compounds with incredibly sweet taste, much sweeter than sugar but...

  • Mangosteen Powder - Organic
    Mangosteen Powder - Organic
    Mangosteen Powder yields a unique class of naturally occurring polyphenol compounds known as xanthones from the dark purple rind of the mangosteen fruit. Xanthones are responsible for its record breaking 2,510 ORAC score...

  • Maqui Berry Powder - Organic, Freeze Dried
    Maqui Berry Powder - Organic
    Maqui Berry ranks to be one of the top super berries in ORAC tests with a whopping score of 69,930. Its antioxidant levels are more than acai berry and goji berry combined, making it one of the most powerful free-radical...

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