Phase 2 Carb Controller

Phase 2 Carb Controller, otherwise known as Phase 2 Carb blocker, refers to the natural white kidney bean extract (phaseolus vulgaris) with powerful carbohydrate-blocking abilities. Phase 2 Carb Controller supplements are made commercially available in the market to target people who are struggling to lose weight. Its weight loss effects are produced by an active compound called phaseolamin. Phase 2 has been the subject of different studies in which it has proven its action on delaying the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates for effective and safe weight loss.

How does natural carbohydrate blocker works? Researchers conclude that Phase 2 Carb Controller depends on its alpha-amylase-inhibiting activity. In the laboratories, Phaseolus vulgaris extract interferes with the action of alpha-amylase, an enzyme involved in the metabolism of starches which are actually long chains of glucose. Weight loss is produced with decreased action of Alpha-amylase on breaking down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars as it reduces calories derived from these carbohydrates. Thus, absorption of sugars into the intestinal wall does not occur to allow them to be eliminated in the stool without being converted into glucose and fats. Excess sugar or glucose then won’t go to the circulation and to other body parts for storage. With its unique mechanism of action, this white kidney bean extract benefits the body in so many ways.

Phase 2 Carb Controller Benefits

  • Being the best carbohydrate blocker, Phase 2 Carb Controller is considered a natural weight loss product. People who are obese who wants to achieve a healthier weight may use this nutritional supplement to trim down excess fats.
  • It may also help reduce the risks of developing life threatening cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, coronary artery disease, and hypertension in people who are obese.
  • Natrol Carb Intercept, a famous Phase 2 Carb Controller supplement is considered an excellent support for exercise and healthy diet in weight control programs.
  • Considering the alpha-amylase-inhibiting activity of Phase 2 Carb blocker, it can help neutralise blood sugar levels. Phaseolamin supplements can be made as an alternative treatment for people with diabetes.
  • By producing positive effects on the glycemic index of food, this carb blocker is very beneficial for people with reactive hypoglycemia.
  • Phase 2 carb blocker may also help people who are on low carb diet to somehow still indulge their sugar cravings in moderation without worrying about additional caloric intake.

Phase 2 Carb Controller Side Effects

Although Phase 2 Carb blocker has been tested for safety, it may produce some uncomfortable side effects. Some of the reported Phase 2 Carb blocker side effects include mild abdominal pain, gas, and slight changes in bowel movements. However according to Phase 2 Carb blocker reviews, these gastrointestinal side effects diminish after extended use of Phase 2 carb products.