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  • Maca Extract Powder


    Maca Extract Powder

    Maca root, typically cultivated at elevations exceeding 14,000 feet, was first used by the Inca more than 2000 years ago for energy and endurance and is still commonly used throughout the towns and villages of Peru today. This is a 10:1 extract with far...

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  • Natrol Maca 500mg


    Natrol Maca 500mg

    Natrol Maca is a 100% herbal formula designed to nourish men’s energy, libido, and sexual performance. It is manufactured from the Peruvian crop vegetable maca also known as the Peruvian ginseng. This crop native in the Andes Mountains of Peru is...

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  • NOW Foods Men's Virility Power

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods Men's Virility Power

    Men's Virility Power is a synergy of vitality herbs to invigorate men and support their active and fast paced lifestyle. The unique herbal blend may be helpful in supporting healthy energy levels, stimulating muscle growth and strength, and promoting...

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  • NOW Foods Organic Maca Powder

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods Organic Maca Powder

    Organic Maca Pure Powder is a reproductive health supplement derived from the Maca herb (Lepimidium meyenii) from Peru. It is thought to work by promoting hormonal balance in men and women that supports fertility and healthy sexual energy. Also known as...

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