• Pine Bark Extract

    Tasman Health

    Pine Bark Extract

    Pine Bark Extract, also commonly known by the trademarked name Pycnogenol, is extracted from the inner bark of specific European pine trees, the Pinus pinaster. The extract contains a potent mix of flavonoids and antioxidants called OPCs, or oligomeric...

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  • NOW Foods Pycnogenol 30mg

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods Pycnogenol 30mg

    Pycnogenol is a powerful, all natural free-radical scavenger derived from the bark of the bark of the French maritime pine tree. It is rich in active compounds called proanthocyanidins that can protect the tissues from oxidative stress and promotes an...

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  • Nature's Way Pycnogenol 50mg

    Nature's Way

    Nature's Way Pycnogenol 50mg

    Pycnogenol is a potent free radical scavenger naturally derived from the bark of the European coastal pine tree. Pycnogenol contains high concentrations of biologically active components including proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, and organic acids. This...

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