• Inositol Powder

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    Inositol Powder

    Inositol is a naturally occurring substance in the body largely found in the brain and heart. Dietary sources of inositol can include nuts, oranges, melons, kidney beans, seeds, and melons. Also known as Vitamin B8, this nutrient is involved in...

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  • Now Foods Inositol Powder 227g

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods Inositol Powder - 227g

    Inositol is considered as one of the B vitamins naturally found in the cell membranes. Also known as Vitamin B8, inositol is involved in the metabolism of cholesterol and fats, including the removal of fats from the liver. Healthy metabolism of fat...

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  • NOW Foods Choline Inositol

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods Choline Inositol

    Choline and Inositol are two essential nutrients that belong to the B vitamins. Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter crucial for nervous system health as well as muscle stimulation. Inositol is also required for acetylcholine as...

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