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  • Doctor's Best Biotin 10,000mcg

    Doctor's Best

    Doctor's Best Biotin 10,000mcg

    The B-complex vitamin Biotin is important for the maintenance of healthy hair, skins and nails. The body also utilises Biotin for energy production and the efficient metabolism of protein. Also known as Vitamin H and Vitamin B7, Biotin is a water soluble...

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  • Doctor's Best Fully Active B12

    Doctor's Best

    Doctor's Best Fully Active B12

    Fully Active B12 provides the body with methyl-cobalamin, the most biologically active form of Vitamin B12. This health formula helps replenish diminished Vitamin B12 levels due to different genetic and lifestyle factors. It offers effective detox, mood...

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  • Jarrow Pantothenic Acid B5


    Jarrow Pantothenic Acid B5

    Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5 is a water soluble vitamin that belongs to the Vitamin B family. Dietary sources of pantothenic acid include eggs, meat, royal jelly, and broccoli. Vitamin B5 is essential in healthy energy production, adrenal hormones...

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  • NOW Foods B-100

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods B-100

    Vitamin B complex vitamins are required in the synthesis of energy from the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from the diet. They also perform a unique function of nourishing the body during stressful situations for effective coping and...

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  • NOW Foods Biotin 5000mcg

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods Biotin 5000mcg

    Biotin is a water soluble B vitamin essential for many biologic functions and normal growth. Biotin is involved in the conversion of fatty acids into energy, metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates, and production of enzymes. Biotin supplements...

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  • NOW Foods Energy

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods Energy

    NOW Energy combines a comprehensive array of nutrients and dietary ingredients that provide your body with a natural source of energy. This formula does not contain Ephedra. Instead, we use ingredients such as Guarana, Yerba Mate and Green Tea to provide...

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  • NOW Foods P-5-P

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods P-5-P

    P-5-P or Pyridoxal-phospate is the active form of Vitamin B6. Also known as Pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 is an enzyme catalyst essential for neurotransmitter functions, energy metabolism, and many other body processes. P5P allows Vitamin B6 to be readily...

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  • NOW Foods PABA 500mg

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods PABA 500mg

    PABA or Para-aminobenzoic acid is a non-essential nutrient considered to be part of the Vitamin B complex family. This water soluble compound protects the skin against the sun’s UV radiation and also prevents the accumulation of abnormal tissues...

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  • NOW Foods Vitamin B-1

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods Vitamin B-1

    Vitamin B1 or Thiamine is a water soluble nutrient that aids the body in converting carbohydrates to glucose and fats into fatty acids that the body can use for energy production. Discovered by the American chemist Robert Williams in 1936, Thiamine was...

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  • NOW Foods Vitamin B-6 100mg

    NOW Foods

    NOW Foods Vitamin B-6 100mg

    Vitamin B6 is a member of the Vitamin B complex family naturally found in fresh vegetables. Also known as Pyridoxine, it appears that this member of the Vitamin B family takes part in regulating the body’s levels of homocysteine, a substance that...

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  • Source Naturals No Flush Niacin 500mg

    Source Naturals

    Source Naturals No Flush Niacin 500mg

    Niacin plays an essential role in the activities of various enzymes involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, the functioning of the nervous system and digestive system, the manufacturing of sex hormones, and the maintenance of healthy skin...

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