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Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals strengthen the body’s immune system, supports normal growth and development, and promote the total functioning of the all the organs of the body. Vitamins can be water soluble (Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex) or fat soluble (Vitamins A, D, E, and K). Major minerals are Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Sodium, Iodine, Selenium, Copper, and Manganese. Vitamin and mineral supplements are popular among those with dietary deficiencies, to ensure recommended daily intake is achieved.

  • Doctor's Best MK-7
    Doctor's Best MK-7
    MK-7 featuring MenaQ7 provides a highly bioavailable source of Vitamin K2 to support bone health, blood vessels and soft tissue elasticity. Derived from the traditional Japanese food natto, MenaQ7 is naturally rich in...

  • Doctor's Best Tocotrienols
    Doctor's Best Tocotrienols
    Tocotrienols are members of Vitamin E complex. They exhibit potent Vitamin E activities that provide powerful protection for cardiovascular health, antioxidant defences for the brain and other organs, and support for immune...

  • Jarrow Zinc Balance
    Jarrow Zinc Balance
    Zinc Balance offers a 15:1 ratio of Zinc Monomethionate and Copper Gluconate. The synergistic blend of Zinc and Copper supports super oxidase dismutase (SOD) activity, a process involved in the body’s internal...

  • Nature's Way Chromium Picolinate
    Nature's Way Chromium Picolinate
    Nature’s Way Chromium Picolinate helps the body to effectively regulate blood sugar levels through efficient metabolism. Chromium Picolinate is the form of the trace mineral Chromium that the body can absorb. It is...

  • Nature's Way GTF Chromium
    Nature's Way GTF Chromium
    Chromium is an important constituent of the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) molecule. The GTF molecule works closely with the hormone insulin in the regulation of blood sugar needed for metabolism. Low Chromium levels lead to...

  • Nature’s Way Calcium Citrate
    Nature’s Way Calcium Citrate
    Calcium Citrate contains highly absorbable form of the mineral calcium, which is essential for optimum bone and teeth development, as well as muscle function. It is formulated with citrate, carbonate, and malate forms to...

  • NOW Foods E-400 d-alpha Tocopheryl
    NOW Foods E-400 d-alpha Tocopheryl
    Vitamin E is one of the premier antioxidants, substances that protect cells from free radical damage. D-Alpha Tocopheryl is a stable form of Vitamin E derived from vegetable oils. It increases Vitamin E levels in tissues and...

  • NOW Foods Full Spectrum Minerals
    NOW Foods Full Spectrum Minerals
    NOW Full Spectrum Minerals consists of a high potency blend of essential minerals for optimum human functioning. These nutrients work together with the vitamins to stimulate normal growth and development, normalise...

  • NOW Foods Gamma E Complex
    NOW Foods Gamma E Complex
    Gamma E Complex offers high-strength antioxidant action to protect the heart, prostate, and colon from the harmful effects of free radicals. It uses the gamma-Tocopherol form of Vitamin E because of its unique ability to...

  • NOW Foods Potassium Citrate
    NOW Foods Potassium Citrate
    Potassium is an essential mineral for supporting the body’s electrolyte mineral balance, nerve transmission, and delivery of nutrients to the cell membranes. Because food processing reduces the diet’s...

  • NOW Foods Selenium 100 mcg
    NOW Foods Selenium 100 mcg
    Selenium is a trace mineral essential to the production of the premier antioxidant glutathione peroxidase. It bonds with methionine, a naturally occurring amino acid in the diet. The best food sources of selenium include...

  • NOW Foods True Balance Multi
    NOW Foods True Balance Multi
    True Balance is a multi vitamin and mineral supplement that has been designed to provide support for the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range. True Balance has trace minerals, such as...

  • NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 K-2
    NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 K-2
    Vitamin D-3 & K-2 is the combination of the two nutrients with clinically proven benefits for the cardiovascular system, bones, and teeth. Vitamin D3 or the sunshine vitamin facilitates transport and absorption of...

  • Solgar Vitamin E 400IU
    Solgar Vitamin E 400IU
    Vitamin E is the body’s primary vitamin antioxidant. This fat soluble vitamin nourishes the skin, cardiovascular health, and immune defences with its potent antioxidant mechanisms. Vitamin E works by scavenging...