Choline Powder

200 grams
Choline Powder

Choline is an essential macronutrient for brain development, liver functions, energy production, healthy metabolism, and nerve functions. This vitamin-like substance is used in the formation of DNA, nerve communication, and detoxification. While the body can manufacture choline in small amounts, it is also found naturally in eggs, salmon, beef, liver, cauliflower, and breast milk.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 650mg
Servings Per Container: 307


Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

Choline Bitartrate

650 mg


Choline (as Choline Bitartrate)

260 mg


† Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: None

Suggested Use

Take 650mg (rounded 1/4 teaspoon) twice daily with food.


For adults only. If you are pregnant, lactating, using prescription medicine or have a medical condition, consult your Doctor before taking this product.

Standard Spoon Measurements

1/8 teaspoon - 300mg
1/4 teaspoon - 600mg
1/2 teaspoon - 1200mg


  • Adding Choline in the diet may support mental performance because of its nootropic effects. It is used to manufacture the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine that functions to stimulate the brain cells. Acetylcholine enables the neurons to communicate with each other faster and more effectively for enhanced thought processes. More production of acetylcholine is key to improved memory, focus, and learning capacity.
  • Choline is the newest addition to the B complex family of vitamins responsible for a wide variety of biological functions. Notably, they are needed to convert food to energy. The energy in the form of ATP is used as fuel for the organs to function and the entire body to stay energized throughout the day. Choline powder may provide the needed amount of this water soluble nutrient to play its role in supporting nerve impulses and reduce the risk for memory loss.
  • Normal brain development in fetuses requires healthy amounts of choline. In clinical studies, scientists found that animals exposed to choline supplements before birth developed better brain functions. Furthermore, people who consume more choline in the diet at an early age are more likely to sustain cognitive abilities as they grow older. Breast milk is rich in choline and milk formula is fortified with this Vitamin B.
  • When combined with lecithin, choline powder may support cardiovascular health. A study conducted at Turkey’s Uludag University School of Medicine suggests that Choline may potentially help in reducing work load in the heart by normalising blood pressure and heart rate. The cardiac-relaxing benefits of choline may be useful in lowering the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Choline Powder is a dietary supplement containing the macronutrient needed to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Choline is a water-soluble nutrient that the body can normally produce in little amounts. It is in 1998 when the National Academy of Sciences designated Choline as an “essential” nutrient because even though the liver manufactures it, it is not enough to meet the body’s demands. Good thing that choline can be obtained from dietary sources such as eggs, liver, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, salmon, and breast milk. Furthermore, adding choline powder may offer the amazing health benefits of Choline to brain functions, cognitive abilities, mood, cardiovascular health, and energy levels. The most notable benefit of choline supplements is in potentially increasing the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for stimulating neurons and improving nerve impulses. Increased levels of acetylcholine are linked with improved learning capacity and memory.