Doctor's Best Nattokinase

90 vcaps
Doctor's Best Nattokinase

Doctor's Best Nattokinase contains purified Nattokinase for potent fibrinolytic effect and superior blood flow. Nattokinase is an enzyme derived from the traditional Japanese soy food Nato. Nattokinase promotes fibrinolysis or breaking down of clots. Effective breakdown of clots is very beneficial for cardiovascular conditions associated with blood clot formation in the bloodstream.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90


Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value


 (fibrinolytic units) enzyme activity

2,000 FU


† Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Modified cellulose (vegetarian capsule), maltodextrin and magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

Suggested Use

Take 1-2 capsules daily, between meals.


Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing, are allergic to soy, or if you have a blood coagulation disorder. If you are taking an anticoagulant (blood thinning medication) or vitamin K, consult your Doctor before taking this product.


Doctor's Best Nattokinase naturally supports healthy blood circulation with its potent thrombolytic effect or the ability to dissolve blood clots. Blood clots are implicated in various health conditions including stroke, heart attack, deep vein thrombosis, dementia, pulmonary embolism, and phlebitis. By promoting normal blood viscosity, nattokinase may be helpful in managing the blood cholesterol levels. Nattokinase supplements also have the ability to normalise blood pressure levels and improve total blood circulation. Nattokinase benefits the blood vessels by helping maintain their flexibility and integrity. Researches show that the best Nattokinase supports bone density. It can also help the body to develop a more efficient response against pain. The best nattokinase is rich in proteins which can be very helpful in keeping the skin healthy.  The proteins in nattokinase naturally support stronger hair and nails.

Before even released in the market as nattokinase supplement, nattokinase had been supporting the health of the Japanese people. Nattokinase is the enzyme in Natto, hence the name. Natto, is the traditional Japanese cheese produced from fermented soybeans. Natto is naturally created when the bacteria Bacillus subtilis is combined with boiled soybeans. It was Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi who accidentally discovered the natural fibrinolytic effect of nattokinase in 1980. The nato fell into a petri dish with fibrin and after 18 hours, the clot miraculously dissolved. This is concluded to be the reason why the Japanese have lower records of mortality and morbidity related to disorders due to blood clot formations in the bloodstream. This enzyme resembles the action of plasmin, the only enzyme in the body that has the ability to dissolve blood clots. Secondary nattokinase benefits would be promoting natural blood viscosity and helping restore the blood’s normal density for more efficient circulation. Aspirin, Coumadin, and Heparin are the medications usually used to produce these thrombolytic or fibrinolytic effects. Doctor's Best Nattokinase contains 2,000 fibrinolytic units of nattokinase. Or simply, nattokinase with high enzyme activity levels to effectively dissolve clots. Other nattokinase supplements which are measured in mg may have huge nattokinase dosage but may not offer potent enzyme activities to benefit the body.